The Challenge

The Challenge

Failure to achieve targets can arise both from the unsatisfactory performance of individuals and the unsuitability of the structures within which they work. Typical indications that there is a problem include:-

  • A clinician's relationship with colleagues is causing difficulties;
  • Inter-departmental conflict over resources has negative consequences, causing waiting list issues;
  • A clinician's performance is a cause for concern;
  • Patients voice grievances about services in public.

While symptoms like these are usually all too easy to identify, the root cause(s) are often concealed within the complex web of relationships - personal and contractual - which are a feature of the NHS today.

Stresses within these relationships may cause even the most robust risk management and governance arrangements to fracture, with adverse consequences for clinical standards, patient care and damage to service reputation.

As individuals and teams become more and more dysfunctional, there is also inevitably an adverse impact on cost as morale is sapped, absenteeism increases and time that should have been spent on purposeful activity has to be diverted to manage problems.

When these fundamental issues are tackled effectively, the additional benefits of improved quality, increased patient and client satisfaction and the easier maintenance of good governance can be achieved.

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