Straiegic Service Reviews

Strategic Service Reviews

The healthcare sector is a rapidly-changing and demanding environment, in which performance is subject to intense scrutiny and monitoring. Initiatives to improve patient care and secure value for money provide a constant challenge for those responsible for world class commissioning, as does the need to balance national demands with local needs.

A strategic review will provide vital information about the performance of services and the needs which they address in a local community. We are proud of our reputation for carrying out strategic reviews. Their conclusions underpin strategic decisions which offer communities improvements in services and standards of care whilst ensuring that best value can be obtained.

Iodem’s experienced team - including our Grey Panthers - will undertake a detailed study of clinical services, and assess the issues from a range of perspectives. This enables us to:-

  • Establish the extent to which strategy meets the needs of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Determine what is appropriate to the operating environment.
  • Recognise the strategic challenges.
  • Establish whether the strategy is aligned with best practice.

Through our emphasis on consultation we provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to contribute to the review process and ensure stakeholder buy-in. This in turn assists the implementation of change arising from the process.

Key outcomes may lead to decommissioning current services, directly negotiating with providers for pilot projects or putting services out to tender to test the market.

Improving service quality through strategic review leads to:-

  • Higher scores on patient reported outcome measures.
  • Reduced waiting times.
  • Fewer complications.
  • Fewer complaints.
  • Care closer to the patient’s home.

All these service improvements reduce the cost of the provision.

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