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Iodem is pleased to announce that Mr Hawthorne’s 29 October 2009 revalidation seminar was very well received by the audience. Mr Hawthorne is ENT-UK’s Director of Education and their Lead on Revalidation. His presentation, The external quality assurance of revalidation, included some excellent real life examples of the dangers health organisations face if their processes to support revalidation are not sufficiently rigorous and robust. The presentation highlighted the need for all organisations employing "orphan" doctors to have memoranda of understanding regarding the reporting of concerns. Mr Hawthorne explored, inter alia, the nature of evidence to support appraisals, the various potential sources of evidence, plus the methods of collection and corroboration.

The second speaker was Mr Nigel Allison, a highly experienced six sigma black belt and lean manufacturing specialist with the Caterpillar Corporation, which is known globally as the leading manufacturer of giant earth moving and construction equipment. As their Lean Deployment Manager, Mr Allison provides strategic support to business managers within Caterpillar's European Division. His presentation provided an Introduction to Lean thinking in the NHS with specific focus on quality assurance in a Lean Environment and the need for organisational cultural change. He ably demonstrated the lean philosophy and provided much food for thought for organisations considering how best to develop robust, quality assured processes. He particularly caught the imagination of the audience with a shirt folding exercise, the simplicity and effectiveness of which you are invited to enjoy in the following video demonstration by clicking here »

The final speaker was Dr Keith Judkins, Medical Director of the Department of Health's Revalidation Support Team and co-author of the report Assuring the Quality of Medical Appraisal for Revalidation ("AQMAR"). Dr Judkins spoke on the QA of an organisation’s systems and the Revalidation Support Team’s latest developments. Again the emphasis was on the necessity for processes which demonstrated consistency and rigor. He reminded the audience that the main purpose of an appraisal system is that of quality improvement rather than a tool to identify problems; he left the audience to reflect on the effectiveness of an organisation which first identifies a problem at an appraisal interview. He repeated and emphasised Mr Allison’s belief in the need for organisations to develop a culture of continuous improvement. Agreeing that "unless you are keeping score you are only practising", a sporting analogy used by Mr Allison, he encouraged the use of metrics by organisations to identify and measure the goals that individuals and teams score.

The seminar ended with a short but interesting question and answer session in which members of the audience made significant contributions, including an interesting discussion regarding the use of non clinicians as appraisers.

All of the seminar presentations are available to download below:

If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it for free here »

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