Grey Panthers

Grey Panthers

Who they are

Grey Panthers are Iodem’s team of clinical trouble shooters. They are individuals with at least five years experience in a senior clinical or management capacity. They include: assessors, reviewers, examiners, mentors and auditors drawn from across numerous specialties and related professions in the healthcare sector.

They are individually selected by us and receive additional training before undertaking assignments on our behalf.

What do they do

Their primary role is to track down the root cause of a problem and develop a solution to facilitate its resolution.

What is their skill set

  • Knowledge - Cutting edge expertise in specialist fields.
  • Insight - Understanding gained from relevant experience in healthcare.
  • Integrity - Long-standing clinical and professional probity.
  • Discretion - Efficient, impartial and independent.
  • People Management - Help create advocates to increase learning.
  • Resource Management - They have an eye for identifying waste and so can advise on cost saving.
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